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Be Careful when Collecting an Insurance Payout

Insurance policy paper

Insurance policies are meant to keep you and your assets safe in the event of worst-case scenarios. While insurance is an excellent tool for protecting your future, it could also be your downfall due to authorities who overreact. Therefore, you need to be careful when collecting insurance payouts.

The Dark Side of Insurance Payouts

Insurance payouts are challenging to get right because many factors impact recovery amounts.

For example, an auto accident claim could be impacted by the following:

  • The statutes outlined in the policy;
  • The accident’s cause;
  • The damages the accident causes; and
  • The injuries the accident causes.

One mistake in any of these categories could drastically impact potential recovery amounts. For example, if someone caused an accident, but an insurance company believes the person is a victim, he or she could receive an insurance payout that’s scrutinized by authorities.

If someone is suspected of collecting an insurance payout they “don’t deserve,” they could face criminal penalties. Unfortunately, state and federal governments don’t take kindly to those accused of fraud, so you should expect stiff opposition if you’re under the gun.

Due to the estimated cost of fraud, the accused should prepare to face severe prosecution.

Therefore, if you’re criminally charged for accepting an insurance payout, you need help now.

Charged with Insurance Fraud?

If you or a loved one was charged with insurance fraud, you have every reason to fear the outcome; however, we give clients hope. The Law Office of Patrick J. McLain is here to protect the rights of those facing criminal charges. If you need award-winning representation (which, you do) look no further than our firm.

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