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Federal arson charges are incredibly serious and need to be handled accordingly. If you are involved in an arson case, make sure your rights and best interests are protected by hiring a seasoned criminal defense lawyer from the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC. Backed by 30+ years of unmatched service, our team understands what is at stake and is here to fight for you.

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What Makes Arson a Federal Crime?

Arson, or the act of recklessly or deliberately setting a fire or causing an explosion with the intent to destroy property or land, is a serious crime. Arson can be prosecuted at both the state and federal levels. To be considered a federal offense, arson involves intentionally setting fire or causing an explosion meant to destroy property owned by the federal government (under Federal Statute 18 U.S.C. § 844(i)). It also involves intentionally setting fire or causing an explosion in certain territorial and maritime areas of the United States, as well as conspiring to set fire or cause an explosion within these jurisdictions. If arson charges do not meet these specific circumstances, they will be prosecuted at the state (rather than the federal) level.

Penalties for a Federal Arson Conviction

In most cases, the penalties for arson are related to the specific circumstances involved, including the extent of damage caused by the fire or explosion, if any person was injured or killed, and whether or not the fire/explosion was allegedly caused maliciously or recklessly. At the state level, arson can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. At the federal level, it is a felony.

The penalties for a federal arson conviction are severe and include:

  • A prison sentence of up to 25 years; and
  • Fines that are equal to or greater than standard fines set forth by Title 18; and/or
  • Payment that covers the cost of repairing/replacing destroyed property.

If a person was injured or killed as a result of arson, the defendant could also face more severe charges and penalties and, in all cases, those accused of arson may face civil consequences and be required to pay restitution for property damage/bodily injuries.

It is also important to note that an attempt or conspiracy to commit arson can be sufficient to result in criminal charges, regardless of whether or not arson actually occurred.

Trust Our Team with Your Criminal Defense

If you or your loved one has been charged with arson, or if you even suspect that you are under investigation for arson, it is crucial that you speak to an attorney who has experience handling arson cases at the federal level.

At the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC, our Dallas arson defense lawyers have past experience in federal prosecution; we understand the typical tactics used by federal prosecutors and we are prepared to use our extensive legal knowledge and skill to combat them. Our team can help you fight to protect your future and your freedom.

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