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Case Results

  • "To Catch A Predator" Case Victory

    Client came to Law Office of Patrick J McLain with a conviction for online solicitation of minor. Team McLain filed a writ and the conviction was overturned. Prosecutor refiled the case, and at trial, the jury awarded four years’ probation. Team McLain is working to restore the lost military retirement of this client pursuant to the earlier conviction.

  • Healthcare Fraud Charges Against Client Never Filed

    Client worked with Team McLain over several years, as his partners have been indicted in federal court, and Client has avoided indictment, with guidance from Team McLain. Key to success has been controlled flow of information to federal prosecutors and Client patience with Team McLain strategy.

  • Child Pornography Charge Dismissed in Federal Court

    Client arrested at his home, electronic storage devices seized, and he made a confession to possession of child pornography. On the eve of trial, Team McLain achieved a dismissal of child pornography indictment in exchange to a plea of guilty to an obscenity charge which reduced Client’s exposure to jail time by seventy-five (75%) percent.

  • Firearm Charges at Airport - Dismissed

    Team McLain has achieved “No Bill” (no indictment filed by grand jury) in one hundred (100%) percent of its airport firearms cases. Clients have followed the guidance of Team McLain and worked together to produce a briefing for grand juries that has successfully kept several clients from being indicted, much less convicted or in court.

  • No Bill Murder Case Dismissed

    Client came to Team McLain with self defense case. Our associate attorneys worked together to get client work and school release after arranging house arrest. Team McLain’s in house investigation teams canvassed neighborhoods and collected witness statements that supported our client’s case. Our team worked to negotiate fee dismals and reinstate bond to make our client’s pretrial experience as painless as possible. The case was dismissed and ended in No Bill.

  • Sexual Assault of Girlfriend's Daughter - Jury Acquits On All Charges

    Client had long-term live-in relationship with girlfriend. They were both active in the arts community in the city. They eventually had a bitter break-up. Soon thereafter, the allegation that Client sexually molested the girlfriend’s elementary school age daughter arose. At trial, Team McLain presented the truth of the case to the jury, and that jury acquitted Client on all charges.

  • Sexual Assault on Second Wife's Children - Acquittal On All Charges

    Client lived with his second wife and her two children by a prior relationship. When Client decided to return to his first wife, charges arose that Client had sexually molested second wife’s two children and physically assaulted the child Client conceived with second wife. After a week-long trial, the jury acquitted Client on all charges. Team McLain was able to work with Client for months to develop the story that established his innocence of the charges.

  • Allegations of Sexual Assault on Teenage Stepdaughter - Jury Acquits

    Client had met his wife when her two children were very young and was the only father they knew for the first dozen years of their lives. When the daughter, in her teenaged years, met her biological father and perceived living with him would gain her greater freedom, she alleged Client had sexually molested her for about a dozen years.

  • Charges Dropped in Police Sting after insufficient evidence

    Client was swept up in a Police sex worker sting after turning down a proposition from a police lure. The police plant offered client money in an attempt to entrap the client.  They politely and jokingly declined and police followed and arrested client after they drove away from the situation.  Team McLain was able to get a Felony no bill and Misdemeanor charges dismissed and restore the client’s reputation.