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If you break the terms of your probation, you could suffer serious consequences in Texas. An experienced Dallas probation violation attorney can greatly minimize the punishments you may face. While most probation periods range from one to three years in length, a longer probation may exist for those that have committed more serious crimes, and that lengthened period of time expands upon the chances of breaking your probation.

How Do Probation Violations Occur?

Common ways in which a person may violate their probation include:

  • Not reporting to their probation officer
  • Failing drug tests
  • Failing to appear at court
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Committing an offense
  • Traveling out of state without permission
  • Failing to pay fines
  • Failing to complete required classes or putting in the required community service time

If you have violated your probation, it is up to your probation officer to decide what to do next. If they decide to proceed with a probation hearing, you should seriously consider hiring a Dallas attorney for probation violations who can increase your chances of avoiding further punishment or reducing the punishment you face. We can help you weigh your options and decide what course of action you need to take.

Texas Probation by Numbers

In Texas there are hundreds of thousands of individuals on probation. According to the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, there are almost 420,000 men (72%) and women (28%) on probation in Texas. This requires some 275,000 probation officers. Just like the majority of those in prison, there are an overwhelmingly low number of people on probation for violent crimes.

Eighty-three percent of people on Texas probation committed nonviolent crimes, such as drug crimes. Those who violate their probation made up 32 percent of the new prison population in 2010. Half of those who violated their probation were sent back to prison not for committing a new crime, but for technical violations such as not appearing at a meeting or failing to pay a fine.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you have violated your probation due to a small technical issue, don’t go back to prison; contact an experienced Dallas probation violation lawyer to preserve your freedom.

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If you have been charged with violating your probation, you should have received a written notice of the violations you committed. In Texas you have the right to go before a neutral judge while being represented by an attorney. You and your lawyer can present evidence and witnesses to support your case.

It is in your best interest to not do this alone. The consequences are too great to not take this situation seriously. You may be facing additional probation terms, fines, revoked probation, or even be sent back to prison.

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