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Common Texas Sex Crimes

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There are few criminal charges that can do more damage to someone’s life than charges of sexual misconduct can. In order to return to the most “normal” life possible following a sex crime conviction, the offenders must understand how the Texas sex crime system works.

Life-Altering Texas Sex Crimes

These sex crimes are those that are considered to be the highest severity, which often comes with lasting negative consequences. Some of the most commonly seen crimes include:

Child Pornography - Regardless of the child pornography charge (production, distribution, possession), all are subject to serious legal trouble if found guilty.

Unlawful Imprisonment - When kidnapping or unlawful imprisonment charges are associated with any other Texas sex crime, the convicted party will be in for a long legal battle.

Prolonged Sexual Abuse of a Child - Sexual abuse multiple times within a 30-day period is considered continuous sexual abuse, which comes with many lasting implications.

Other Texas Sex Crimes

These Texas sex crimes are considered to be less serious than those above, however, they still come with many negative side effects.

Unlawful Imprisonment - When kidnapping or unlawful imprisonment happens without any sex crimes, but the victim was less than 17 years of age, Texas law requires the offender to register for 10 years.

Indecent Exposure - Showing one’s sexual organs in public is something that is considered a sex crime in Texas. Being found guilty of doing so can lead to many legal and financial troubles.

Prostitution - Prostitution in Texas is when one engages in sexual activities with another individual for some form of payment. As of now, being convicted of prostitution carries hefty penalties.

Conspiracy to Commit a Sex Crime - You don’t even need to actually commit a sex crime to be found guilty of a sex crime. Conspiracy charges are often seen as serious crimes, which can have serious repercussions.

Reaching out to a Minor Online - If you reach out to a minor requesting sexual favors or in a sexual manner, you will be seen as predatorial and will be facing a legal battle.

Get the Help You Need Today

As you can see, there are many crimes that are considered sex crimes in Texas-- and these aren’t even all of them. If you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Texas, the clock is ticking to defend your name. You need to work with an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your name, your future, and your rights.

Don’t let a mistake change the path of your future. Our team can help discuss your options over a consultation today.

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