How Do I Successfully Defend Myself Against Charges of Sexual Contact or Abuse of a Child?

If you’ve been accused of sexual contact or abuse of a child, you’ll want to clear your name right away. These are serious accusations that should be handled promptly and not taken lightly.

Keep reading to learn how you can defend yourself against false accusations of sexual contact or abuse of a child.

How To Defend Yourself

There are a few ways to successfully defend yourself against false accusations of sexual contact or abuse of a child. The following are some tips for defending yourself:

Hire a skilled defense attorney right away and ask him or her to investigate.

It is common for investigators and social workers to have a bias toward the child when investigating these sorts of cases. However, when they are presented with viable evidence that supports the claims of the accused, they are more likely to view the case objectively.

Investigators and social workers don’t set out to bring charges against innocent people. Regardless, their initial bias may hinder them from searching for exculpatory information unless it is brought in front of them, in which case they are obligated to consider it.

Language is very important.

It’s common for many judges to refer to people as the “victim” or the “defendant” before a person’s guilt or innocence has been settled. It is very important that you are humanized and personalized. You should always be referred to as Mr. / Mrs. and your last name, or by your first name.

It’s crucial the jury understands that if they find you guilty, they are impacting a real person’s life. Similarly, the child should not be referred to as the “victim.” It may not even be wise to refer to the child as “the child.” Instead, the child should be referred to as “the accuser.”

We’re Here to Help

If you’ve been falsely accused of sexual contact or abuse of a child, we may be able to help you clear your name of the charges. Our team is highly skilled in this area of the law and has helped many others in similar situations clear their names. Let us see if we can help you, too. Don’t delay—contact our office right away to discuss your case.

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