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Texas Fraud Laws: What You Need To Know


Fraud is a broad term that encompasses a variety of different crimes generally defined as a false representation or omission of material fact, either through words or conduct, that is intended to result in personal or financial gain. Due to the many types of fraud that are not as well known, it is often lumped into one or two categories.

Here at the office of Patrick McLain, for example, we had a case where a client was accused of healthcare fraud at the federal level. The client worked with our team over several years, as his partners were indicted in federal court, and the client avoided indictment with guidance from our team. The key to success, in this case, included the controlled flow of information to federal prosecutors and client patience with team McLain’s strategy.

There have also been many forms of PPP loan fraud in recent times due to the pandemic. One case brought forward by the Department of Justice, for example, included seven individuals being charged in connection with a COVID-Relief fraud scheme involving more than 80 fraudulent loan applications worth approximately $16 million.

Types Of Fraud
Over the last few decades, technology has evolved quickly, and as a result, new types of charges regarding fraud have developed with it. All of the following are different categories of potential fraud:

  • Credit card fraud

  • Healthcare fraud

  • Insurance fraud

  • Investment fraud

  • Ponzi schemes

  • Securities fraud

  • Mail fraud

  • Wire fraud

  • Franchise fraud

  • Internet fraud

  • Money laundering

  • Identity theft

There are also plenty of instances of false or inaccurate fraud charges. When law enforcement gathers evidence regarding potential fraud, they often can gather misleading or incorrect information. This is in part why it is key to seek out a proper Dallas attorney to handle and claims of fraud against you. For example, the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC has extensive experience helping defend individuals in all types of crimes, including anything from insurance fraud to wire fraud. We will fight for your rights through the entire legal process.

Charged With Fraud?

If you or a loved one has been charged with fraud, often the next best step to take is to talk to a criminal defense lawyer. The cost of fines combined with the cost of having a conviction on your record can be detrimental.

At Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC, we may be able to help with your charges today. Call us today to talk to someone about setting up your defense for your case. (214) 238-9392.

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