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How to Defend Against Credit Card Fraud Charges

Credit Card Fraud Accusations

Anyone who is facing credit card fraud charges in Texas needs to take these allegations extremely seriously. Although credit card fraud is a white collar offense, it can come with serious penalties in the event of a conviction, especially when you are facing federal criminal charges. It will be essential to defend against the charges you are facing with help from a Dallas credit card fraud defense lawyer. How can you defend against credit card fraud allegations? Consider the following tips and steps.

Know the Specific Charges You Are Facing Under State or Federal Law

First, it is critical to understand whether you are facing charges under Texas state or federal law. In some situations, you may face charges under both state and federal law. You need to know whether you are facing state or federal charges for a variety of reasons, including because the elements of the offense can differ, requiring distinct defense strategies.

Understand the Elements of the Offense

There are different scenarios that can lead to credit card fraud charges under state or federal law, so it is extremely important to learn about the specific elements of the offense for your case that the prosecutor must be able to prove in order to get a conviction. Examples of scenarios that may lead to credit card fraud charges include but are not limited to:

·  ​Using another person’s credit card number to make an online purchase;

·  ​Stealing a physical credit card and attempting to use it in person to make a purchase;

·  ​Creating a fake credit card and attempting to use it either online or in person;

·  ​Attempting to use a credit card that you know has expired;

·  ​Buying a credit card from someone other than the issuer;

·  ​Selling a credit card for money or other benefits; or

·  ​Making unauthorized purchases on a business credit card or on another account for which you are an authorized user for specific purchases.

Work with a Dallas Credit Card Fraud Defense Lawyer to Tailor a Defense Strategy to the Facts of Your Case

Any strong defense will be tailored to the particular facts of the case in which a person has been charged. Accordingly, to defense against credit card fraud charges and to have the charges dropped or to obtain an acquittal, you will need to work with a Dallas credit card fraud defense attorney to determine what specific defense strategy or strategies will work best for you depending upon the particular facts surrounding your arrest and the prosecutor’s evidence. Our firm has years of experience handling a variety of federal and state fraud defenses, and we can evaluate your case today to help you determine which defense strategies may be most effective in your case.

Contact a Fraud Defense Lawyer in Dallas

Are you facing credit card fraud charges under federal or state law? An experienced Dallas fraud defense lawyer can begin working with you today on your case. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our firm to learn more about how we can assist you. Contact the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC today to get started.