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How The Government Investigates Fraud Crimes

Fraud is a white collar crime that is often complex, prompting investigation on both a state and federal level.  The type of fraud that occurs can influence which government agency handles the investigation.  Understanding how the government investigates fraud crimes could help you should you ever find yourself accused of a crime.  It could aid you when the time comes to work with your attorney to create a strong defense and reduce any sentences handed down against you.

Fraud on a Federal Level

The fraud section of the United States Department of Justice investigates fraud cases throughout the country.  The agency uses its experience with detecting complex fraud schemes to deploy law enforcement agencies nationwide.  It also provides advance training to the Department of Justice and helps to develop department wide policies offering direct supervision and mentoring along with training.  This training is offered to the department's attorneys and other necessary professionals who aid in the prosecution of fraud.

Once fraud is detected through tips from the general public or through the use of internal investigatory tactics a preliminary analysis is performed.  The information obtained during this process is used to determine whether or not a criminal investigation will be opened  Once an investigation is opened special agents gather the evidence needed to prove that fraud has occurred.  After the evidence is obtained the federal government then decides if they are going to prosecute. 

Fraud on a State Level

The Texas state government’s auditor's office investigates casesof possible fraud.  Complaints can currently be made by phone, online through a web portal on the government's website, or by United States postal mail.  An investigative analyst and manager will review the information received and determine the best course of action.  

The agency may contact the individual who filed the complaint to request additional information or to discuss the complaint in general.  Complaints that are found to possibly be a criminal offense are then referred to, or assigned to, an investigator.  The investigator works to gather additional evidence of fraud that can later be used to file formal charges against the individual under investigation.  When this happens an individual may find themselves placed under arrest for fraud.

Get the Defense You Deserve

If you or someone close to you is accused of fraud on a state or federal level it is vitally important that you find and retain qualified legal representation immediately.  A skilled attorney can work on your behalf to establish a strong defense to reduce, or avoid, the sentence handed down by a judge in a court of law.  Failing to retain a zealous legal representative could lead to dire consequences that could negatively affect the rest of your life.  If you or a loved one is accused of fraud, call the law offices of Patrick J. McLain immediately.  Our team has over 30 years of experience defending clients in Texas.  We are standing by ready to review your case and begin providing you with the legal counsel that you deserve.

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