Understanding Solicitation of and Indecent Contact With a Minor

As an adult being accused of any crime can be a stressful, and often terrifying, event.  The prospect of standing in front of a judge or being tried by a jury of your peers is difficult to comprehend let alone accept.  If you or someone you know has been accused of solicitation of a minor or indecent contact with a minor understanding the charges is a critical first step.  Knowing what you are being accused of and the potential punishments for the crimes can help you and your legal counsel plan a strong defense.  This knowledge has the potential to shape your future as your case moves forward.

Solicitation of a Minor

Solicitation of a minor is a criminal offense that occurs when an adult who is interacting with a minor asks the minor to take part in a sexual act with the adult.  This crime often takes place online with an adult using the internet to try and induce, or otherwise solicit, a minor to perform any type of sexual act.  Solicitation can be prosecuted on a state level as well as on a federal level with the trials running concurrently.  Typically, the less severe crimes are judged and punished on a state level and more severe crimes are judged by federal courts.

Indecent Contact With a Minor

Indecent contact with a minor occurs when an adult causes a child, ages 17 years old or younger, to engage in sexual contact with them.  It also occurs when an adult causes a child to expose their anus or any parts of their genitalia.  The law defines sexual contact as acts commited to arous or gratify the sexual desires of any person.  Contact can be considered sexual even if it takes place through clothing.

Punishments For The Crime

Indecent contact with a minor is a serious offense.  It is a second degree felony within the state of Texas.  If found guilty of this charge a person may find themselves facing fines of up to $10,000, a prison sentence of up to 20 years, or both.  Solicitation of a minor is often charged as a third degree felony with a fine of up to $10,000 and 2 to 10 years in prison for a first offense.  

Getting the Legal Assistance You Need

If you or someone close to you has been charged with solicitation of a minor or indecent contact with a minor it is important that you act immediately.  Failing to take action could result in you or your loved ones standing in front of a judge with no qualified legal counsel and no plan for your defense.  The law office of Patrick J. McClain is ready to fight for your rights and your reputation.  We are standing by ready to provide you with the zealous defense that you need to retain your freedom.  If you are charged with these crimes do not hesitate to call our offices to schedule an initial consultation.  Our team is standing by ready to provide you with the quality legal counsel that you deserve.

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