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How and When to Tell Your Side of the Story If You Are Falsely Accused of a Sex Offense

Sex crimes

Yes, you are innocent until proven guilty when someone accuses you of a crime. Despite this, few things are scarier and more upsetting than if someone falsely accuses you of a sex offense such as sexual assault or indecent assault. The punishment you receive in the court of public opinion can begin immediately. For example, your employer might take adverse action against you, such as placing you on administrative leave or firing you. Strangers might say terrible things about you on the Internet, or your coworkers, friends, and even your own family might assume the worst about you. 

If anyone would listen to your side of the story, it would quickly become evident that you are innocent. You are right that the truth will eventually prevail. Still, if you are facing criminal charges, your first priority is to focus on your criminal case and block out everyone else who is trying to mess with your mind and intimidate you. 

Texas sex crime attorney at the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC, can help you get the charges dropped if someone has falsely accused you of a sex crime.

The First Person You Should Talk to Is Your Lawyer

The best thing you can do when accused of a crime is to exercise your right to remain silent. Remember that everything you say can be used as evidence against you. You should write down a detailed account of the day or incident during which the accuser alleges that you committed sexual assault. Also, write down where you might find evidence that supports your version of events. Show all of this to your criminal defense lawyer and no one else.

Resisting the temptation to respond publicly to false accusations is not just about being the bigger person. Even if the accuser is spreading lies about you online, you should not respond by speaking publicly about your accuser’s ulterior motives. To get your charges dropped, you only have to convince the judge, and if the case goes to trial, you only have to convince the jury. If you go online to accuse your accuser of lying, it will only make you look like someone engaging in feuds on the Internet.

What to Do After Your Case Is Resolved

If the accusations are false, then the truth will prevail, and the jury will acquit you, or, more likely, the state will drop the charges before the case even gets to trial. Once the court has determined that you are not guilty, then you are free to speak publicly about your case and tell your side of the story to anyone you choose to tell. The fact that you were not convicted of the alleged crime gives you additional credibility. If you suffered financial losses, such as the loss of your job, because of the accusations, then you have the right to file a defamation lawsuit against the accuser in civil court.

Contact the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC, About Criminal Defense Cases

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