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How Can a U.S. Federal Defense Attorney Help Colombian Citizens in their Extradition Case?

Being at the mercy of the court in your home country may be one thing but to be taken from your home and made to appear before the U.S. Federal court can make your case overwhelming and feeling powerless in the Federal Court System.  At the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC we preserve our client’s human dignity from the repressive system after extradition, negotiate the terms and craft agreements with the US Federal courts and be allowed family visits, not in a SUPERMAX .  If you are looking for an attorney that will make the US Courts stand by the limits of the charges that were used to extradite and not overstep their boundatries as the USA is known to do and not violate the spirit of the extradition agreement you need a good Federal U.S. Attorney familiar with the courts. Our office offers representation in US Federal Courts to people pending crimes in USA and will work with our Columbia counterpart Attorney to restore you to your home country and respect the treatises between our countries.

Human dignity in all circumstances of the human being must prevail, especially when the human being faces the repressive power of the State due to circumstances of an extradition, our criminal legal office, seeks that the extradited in an eventual negotiation ----, the just and proportionate penalty is placed and the least legally possible, to pay his sentence in a prison where the person is in better conditions of mobility, That their families allow them to visit them in prisons and enter the country, to a fair trial where State agents are not allowed to violate the limits of criminal law and human dignity, that at the time of paying damages and fines is the minimum possible.

La dignidad humana en todas las circunstancias del ser humano debe prevalecer, especialmente cuando el ser humano se enfrenta al poder represivo del Estado por circunstancias de una extradición, nuestra oficina jurídica penal, busca que el extraditado en una eventual negociación ----, se le coloque la pena justa y proporcionada y la menor legalmente posible, que pague su condena en una cárcel donde la persona esté en mejores condiciones de movilidad, que sus familias les permitan visitarlos en las cárceles y entrar al país, a un juicio justo donde no se permita que los agentes del estado vulneren los límites del derecho penal y la dignidad humana, que al momento de pagar perjuicios y multa sea las mínimas posibles.

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