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How to Choose the Best Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Sex crime attorney

In many instances, defendants can win their cases by asking the right questions about the prosecutors, law enforcement officers, investigators, and witnesses involved. For example, you can cast doubt on the testimony of the officer who arrested you by showing a pattern of behavior where he has gone out of his way to accuse people like you of crimes. If he has a history of accusing people with several personal characteristics in common with you, you may be able to persuade the jury that he had it in for you as soon as he saw you. 

Likewise, snitching has diminishing returns; someone who snitches on one inmate while serving a life sentence may well be telling the truth, but one who snitches on 100 inmates may just be trying to break up the monotony of his life sentence. 

Not only should you ask questions about the people involved in the prosecution’s case, but also the ones in your defense. You should investigate thoroughly before you hire a Texas sex crime attorney because your lawyer will be the one investigating the people who are investigating you.

Choose a Lawyer Who Has Represented Defendants in Many Sex Crimes Cases

Defendants and criminal cases are wise to avoid law firms that practice “door law,” meaning that they represent every client who walks through the door. Working with a law firm that only takes criminal defense cases is better than choosing one that deals with multiple practice areas, but it is better to be even more specific. 

Not all criminal defense attorneys have experience representing defendants in sex crime cases. You have too much at stake to be your lawyer’s guinea pig. If a law firm is very good at drug crime cases, let it stick to the drug crime cases while you choose a different lawyer.

Choose a Lawyer Who Cares More About Your Reputation Than His Own

Texas is home to its share of prudes; you would be surprised how many criminal defense lawyers are squeamish about representing people accused of sex crimes. All they can think about is what people in their small, gossipy hometowns will say about them at their high school reunion. 

Some lawyers refuse to take sex crime cases in Texas. Others will take sex crime cases because they are afraid that it will reflect poorly on them if they turn clients away, but they are clearly out of their element representing you. They might even fail to ask you enough questions to become sure that you are innocent just because they are so uncomfortable talking about matters related to sexuality.

A Defense Lawyer Plus a Private Investigator Is Better Than a Defense Lawyer Alone

The best sex crimes defense lawyer is one with a proven track record of defending people accused of sex crimes. Still, a lawyer working together with a private investigator can do even better than even the best lawyer. Choose a law firm with a private investigator on staff.

Contact the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC, About Sex Crime Cases

You should hire a Dallas criminal defense lawyer that has extensive experience representing defendants accused of sex offenses. Contact the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC, in Dallas, Texas, to discuss your case.

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